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This preview is from ‘The Band….Behind The Music’. It’s a documentary about the lives of the members of ‘The Band’.


MIKE: I had had enough. ‘The Band’ wasn’t the same as before and also wasn’t making the same standard of music as before. So I decided I wanted to do different things. There were lots of ideas thrown about. I was still taking a lot of drugs so I had some crazy ideas.

Mike’s career away from the band was a new start for him and he had ideas of where he wanted to take it.

MIKE: I wanted to do serious stuff and that’s where the idea for a documentary came from. We got the go ahead from TV bosses and we got on with it.

Mike’s documentary about disabled cartoon characters was set for a three part series but was axed by TV executives after Mike, in the first episode, suggested that the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ had been a bad person in a past life.


JOWETT: And when that fell through, he decided to have a go at conquering the book market. We were all interested to know what he was going to base on.

Mike claimed he knew unknown secrets about famous musicians and so decided to release “100 Unknown Shocking Facts About Musicians”. All of which, were untrue. The book was scrapped.


MIKE: Some of them were definitely true. The publishers must have been Michael Jackson fans.


JOWETT: We actually got a call from Chris Martin’s lawyers. Before pointing them in the right direction, they told us 88 out of the 100 “Shocking Unknown Facts” were about Coldplay’s front man.


MIKE: I got a call from my new management saying if we tried to take the book elsewhere, they would tear me a new arsehole. I was advised to drop it because we hadn’t got a lot of money for a decent lawyer, but I thought I knew better and looked for one anyway.

Mike decided to use his friend’a cut-price law firm, which specialised in child custody hearings. He lost.

JOWETT: The firm was called ‘Papa Don’t Breach’. He never stood a chance.

2 years ago